Own a BIG Brand Without a BIG InvestmentIn this troubled economy, banks are cutting back on loans and requiring more and more from qualified buyers. Daddy Dough Donuts® has the solution with a brand new program designed to get you in business quickly, affordably, and without requiring big financial qualifications.  All products are Thaw ‘N’ Serve, no cooking.

  • Own a nationally recognized brand that's CRAVED by millions
  • Jump into a proven business system for as little as $24,500 DOWN*
  • Immediate in-house FINANCING OPPORTUNITIES are available now!
Daddy Dough Donuts® does have a limited inventory of stores available through this program, so Contact US Today and let our qualified team demonstrate why stepping into a successful business system can be done easy, quick, and affordable.Own your own business in as little as 90 days! To get you on the fast-track of successful ownership, we've already done the work of researching, selecting, and constructing the site. These locations are turnkey and ready for you to open. Our in-house financing eliminates the hassle of bank qualifying.Daddy Dough Donuts® is the brand name people know and the delicious bakery taste consumers crave . . . Daddy Dough Donuts® locations offer our one-of-a-kind, fresh bakery-inspired menu of delicious donuts, cookies, cupcakes, brownies and bagels that consumers love - and we keep it updated to meet their changing tastes at an affordable price. Plus, you get the benefit of our multi-million dollar national advertising that's like no other - radio, television, print, online, in-store... we make sure to keep those consumers craving more.

Owning a Daddy Dough Donut® Store is Now Easier, Faster, and more Affordable than any time before.

*No Royalties      *All Inclusive “Turn-Key” 
*Long Term Support      * No Franchise Fees
*Store Ownership Approval within 24 Hours

2307 Fenton Parkway, #10769
San Diego, CA  92108
PHONE:  831 920•8315 FAX: 855.879.5842

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Daddy Dough Donuts
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What makes owning a Daddy Dough Donuts Shop a great business opportunity?

  • Over 20 years of experience with proven success.
  • Highly customizable product with universal appeal.
  • Corporate support from industry-tested professionals offering assistance in all facets of the business.
  • Professional assistance in site selection; fully developed designs for a wide variety of spaces.
  • Strong unit economics; relative low cost to open and operate create an optimal position for solid returns.
  • Operational support with hands-on professionals to assist in training, store openings and ongoing operational needs.
  • National purchasing and distribution.
  • Focused brand development including extensive marketing, advertising and public relations support.
  • Use of Trademarks and Marketing Programs


A solid business model

Our unit economics are designed to weather a constantly changing business climate. Also, the value positioning of our menu makes our products accessible to a very broad base of consumers and makes our concept virtually economy-proof.

Watch this video from our factory click below: 

To request an application and our initial informational packet please contact our corporate offices at: 

Daddy Dough Donuts

PHONE:  323.375.7505 • FAX: 855.879.5842

We're looking for entrepreneurs that share our commitment to excellence and passion for serving people. With a simple operating system that allows for multi-unit ownership, we're interested in owners desiring to grow with us and operate one or more stores.

Daddy Dough Donuts offers you the best business opportunity to become a 
BUSINESS OWNER complete turnkey business from $75,000 be open in 90 days!

* No Royalties
* All Inclusive "Turn-Key"
* Long Term Support
* No Cooking, No Labor
* All Thaw 'n" Serve Products

At Daddy Dough Donuts we help create business opportunities for entrepreneurs such as you. Our goal is to help you open Daddy Dough Donut Stores.  Daddy Dough Donuts is the most economical and largest developer of the finest high image donut retail stores to be found anywhere in the world with opportunties both in the USA and internationally.   

We offer a total comprehensive package, which covers every pertinent aspect of opening and running a retail business long term. We assist in finding your new Daddy Dough Donut store location, help negotiate the lease, perform the store design and layout, do the physical build out, help you to secure financing as well as provide ongoing support. We supply all Daddy Dough Donut store merchandise, fixtures, equipment along with the work crew to open the store, and we do it quickly and professionally.

This is NOT a Store Franchise: You are the owner of the store and have 100% control over all aspects of your business. Since we are NOT a franchise, there are no ongoing royalties or fees, but you DO receive permanent long-term support and access to the purchasing network. From the beginning you have total control over all decisions regarding YOUR store, including site location, store layout, timing of opening and merchandise of Daddy Dough Donuts.


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